Right Of Revocation

Information on the Exercise of The Right Of Revocation


A.Revocation instruction

You have the right to revoke this contract within fourteen days without giving any reason.
The Revocation Period is fourteen Days from Day 1.

In order to exercise your Right of Revocation, You must (2) send us (2) by means of a clear Declaration (E.g. a Letter sent by Post,
Inform fax or email) of Your Decision to revoke this Contract.

In Order to Respect the Revocation Period, it is sufficient that You notify you of the Exercise of the Right of Revocation before the Expiry of the
Send Cancellation period.

Consequences of revocation
If You withdraw from this Contract, we will have made You all the Payments we have received from You, including the
Delivery costs (with the exception of the additional Costs arising from the fact that you have a different Type of Delivery than that of us
Have chosen the cheapest standard Delivery), immediately and no later than fourteen Days from the Day
When we received the Notification of Your Revocation of this Contract. For this Repayment
We use the same means of Payment that You used for the original Transaction, unless you have been
expressly agreed otherwise; Under no Circumstances will you be charged fees for this Repayment. 4th
Design Notes:
1. Insert one of the following text Modules placed In Quotes:
(a) in The event of a Service contract or a Contract for the Supply of Water, Gas or Electricity, if they are not
Offered for sale in a limited Volume or in a certain Quantity, from District heating or from
Digital Content that is not delivered on a physical Disk: “The Conclusion of the Contract.”;
(b) in The event of a Purchase Agreement: “In which You or a third Party named by you, who is not the carrier, the Goods in
Have taken Possession or own. ”
(c) in the Case of a Contract for several Goods ordered by the Consumer in the Context of a uniform Order
And which are delivered separately: “Where you or a third Party named by you who is not the Carrier, the
Have taken possession of the Last Goods. “;
(d) in The event of a Contract for the Delivery of a Product in several Subs or Pieces: “In which You or a
Third party named By You, who is not the Carrier, took possession of the last Partial Broadcast or the last Piece
Have or have “;

Bgbl. III-Issued on May 26, 2014-# 33 1 of 3
(e) in The case of a Contract for the regular Delivery of Goods over a specified Period of time: “Where You
Or a third Party named by you, who is not the Carrier, have taken possession of the first Goods. ”
2. Insert Your Name, Address and, where available, your Phone Number, Fax number and email address.
3. If You give the Consumer a Choice of information about his Revocation of the Contract on Your Website
Filling and transmitting electronically includes: “You can use the sample revocation form or a
Fill In and submit other clear statement electronically on our Website [insert Internet address].
If You Make Use of this Opportunity, we will immediately (e.g. by E-Mail) provide You with a Confirmation of the
Submit Receipt of such a Revocation. ”
4. In the Case of Purchase agreements in which You have not offered to pick up the Goods yourself in The event of Revocation, add
The following: “We may refuse Repayment until we have received the Goods back or until You
Have provided proof that You have returned the Goods, whichever is the earlier. ”
5. If the Consumer has received Goods in Connection with the Contract:
A) Insert:
— “We pick up the Goods.” Or
— “You have the Goods immediately and in any Case no later than fourteen days from the Date on which You have informed us about
Teach the Revocation of this Contract, to … Us or to [here, if any, the Name and address of the
Insert or hand over By Person authorized By you to Receive the Goods]. The Deadline
It is preserved if You send the Goods before The Expiry of the fourteen-day period. ”
b) Insert:
— “We bear the Cost of returning the Goods.”;
— “You bear the direct Cost of returning the Goods.”;
— If You do not offer to bear The Cost Of returning the Goods in the Case of a Distance contract, and the Goods
Due to their Nature, they cannot be returned normally by post: “They carry the immediate
Cost of Returning the Goods in the Amount of … EUR [insert amount]., “or if the Cost reasonably
Can’t be calculated in Advance: “You bear the immediate Cost of returning the Goods. The Cost
Will be on at most about … EUR [insert amount] estimated. “Or
— if, due to their nature, the Goods in the Case of a Contract concluded outside of Business Premises do not
Can be returned normally by post and to the apartment of the
Consumers have been delivered: “We pick up the Goods at our Expense.” and
c) Insert: “You only have to pay for any loss in the Value Of the Goods if this Loss In value is attrition to a
Checking the Nature, Characteristics and Functioning of the Goods not necessary Handling of them
Is due. ”

6. In the Event of a Contract to Provide services or the Supply of Water, Gas or Electricity, if they are not in
A limited Volume or in a certain Amount can be offered for Sale, or add from District heating
The following: “Have You requested that the Services or Delivery of Wasser/Gas/Strom/district heating [Incorrect
To cancel] during the Revocation Period, you must pay us a reasonable Amount, which Is attributable to the Proportion of
By the Time You inform us of the Exercise Of the right of Revocation in respect of this Contract,
Services provided compared to the Total Amount of Services provided for in the Contract. ”


Revocation please to: office@brokat-tirol.at